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Make Money with GrowthGenerator!

How to make money with GrowthGenerator?

Working with GrowthGenerator is a fantastic way to supplement your income from your contacts or during the hours that suit you. You can manage the role around your current job or you can facilitate it as a part time position. It is a great way to enter the IT & Marketing industry and gain a relevant experience & knowledge!

GrowthGenerator package and training includes:

  • Basic Marketing Training
  • Basic IT training
  • Company email and access to knowledge pool.
  • Ongoing support and access to the GrowthGenerator network
  • Ongoing commission – you can choose either one-off commission or ongoing commission*
  • Marketing Materials advertising our brand

Earning Potential:

When orders are placed and contracts signed (thanks to your help and recommendations), you will benefit from up to 20% of the net sale value. There is no minimum value to earn a commission. What is more important – every time the customer orders or pays the monthly fee, you will benefit from up to 20% commission on net sale value*.

GrowthGenerator repeat customers spend on average over £3000 on services provided by us (annually). Let’s just say that you are able to build a customer base of 10 (yes, only 10 customers!), potentially earning can be £6,000 per year just for introducing us to your business owners! The GrowthGenerator team will maintain the relationship with your customer and every time they place a new order or they pay the invoice sent by us, you will earn money*.


*Ongoing commission will be paid as long as GrowthGenerator serves the contract referred by you and GrowthGenerator receives payments. There is a clear commission structure for the different services offered and the % of commission is agreed prior signing the contract. Everything is subject to the Terms & Conditions on the contract offered to you.