Business Growth

Business growth has potential benefits and drawbacks. Some business owners are reluctant to take the risk of growing the business and opt to stay small. Expansion is risky to a certain point. There’s always the chance that any expansion plans can fail and result in losses rather than profit. Owners are then worse off than before the growth of the business.

Growthgenerator can help and grow your business and eliminate some of the risks! We are a team of:

  • digital marketing manager (hands on) with a 2:1 marketing management degree and years of experience,
  • business owner (mechanical engineer) with MBA degree and years of experience running own business,
  • a retail manager (hands on) with a first class in Sociology and years of experience.

We can grow your business through the following:

  • Optimising your business plan and marketing strategy (or create it – you will be shocked how many business owners are running their business without marketing strategy!)
  • Business growth through exploring your current customer database and multiple lead generation methods
  • Business growth through your staff – making them more efficient and implementing technology where required
  • Business growth through all the channels of digital marketing – email marketing, paid search, social media, affiliate marketing (including recruiting your own commission based agents), search engine optimisaion, website optimisation (and redesign if required!) and checking all the marketing materials.
  • Business growth through sales staff training
  • Business growth through acquisition – an acquisition growth strategy can be risky (indeed), but not as risky as a diversification strategy – the main reason is that the products and market are already established.


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