Email Marketing

Promotional emails are one of the cheapest marketing ways for any business or individuals to connect with customers. There are at least five benefits of including email marketing in your marketing strategy:

1) ROI (return on investment) – we’ve met many business owners and the majority of them were interested in how quickly their investment will be paid for. Business owners are usually concentrating on short term returns on investments preferring email marketing in front of SEO marketing. The direct Marketing Association estimated that email marketing returns £40 for every £1 invested.

2) One of the cheapest marketing channels – the cost is lower when compared to other mainstream marketing channels such as traditional direct marketing (no print of postage costs). Businesses are advertising to people who are interested in the brand and spending money on mass advertising such as media (magazine, TV or radio). It can be easily automated (via software).

3) Target and segmentation – email marketing is a marketing channel that consumers are asking to receive. Receivers can be filtered to meet certain criteria (for example a postcode, interest in a brand (if you are retailing), recent purchase, specific event and etc). The more information you gain about your subscribers the better results you will achieve.

4) Easy to create and track – email templates are easy to create and can include links to brochures, videos and etc. Like the most digital marketing channels, email marketing is easy to track – you will receive up-to-date reports in terms of open & click through rates. In other works you will know when the email was opened, how many people clicked on a relevant link and everything relevant. This will allow you or your sales staff to concentrate on the warm leads and should increase the revenues of your business.

5) Emails are easy to share – people can share the link, view a relevant page created for the purpose or forward the email to the relevant receiver.

6) Email marketing is not local, it is very global. It does not cost mush to send a thousand emails to subscribers based in 10,000 miles distance or people based in a different continent.

7) Email marketing is extremely fast – emails are usually instantly delivered to receiver’s emails.

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