Business Consultancy

Delivering business growth and running own business is usually difficult. Owners tend to love their business (we know why!) and not notice the constantly changing business environment and under-performing staff. This is why business growth requires good business developers, inside and outside eyes on the business and realistic growth strategy. Our combined experience provided us with a wealth of knowledge (and hundreds of ideas) which we can pass on to you when expanding your own business.

Growthgenerator can help and grow your own business! We are a team of:

  • digital marketing manager (hands on) with a 2:1 marketing management degree and years of experience,
  • business owner (mechanical engineer) with MBA degree and years of experience running own business,
  • a retail manager (hands on) with a first class in Sociology and years of experience.

The advantages of hiring us are the following:

  • Assistance in creating business plan, preparing budgets and marketing strategies
  • Financial forecasting based on the budgets & current business efficiency and cashflow (based on current debt levels, invoice payments and economic climate)
  • Attendance at shareholders meetings (once every quarter)
  • Ongoing 1:1 support

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