Outsource in Bulgaria

services-1Bulgaria is an established leading global outsourcing and offshoring destination. Bulgaria has a world class qualified and talented workforce speaking numerous languages and with high-end technical skills.

The mix of multilingual talent pool, competitive operational costs, cultural proximity and expertise in the outsourcing industry make Bulgaria top outsourcing destination in Europe and one of the best in the world according to the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association.

Bulgaria is still among the European countries with lowest labour costs – one of the most important factors for choice of outsourcing destination.

Our Offer:

Our mother company is offering help to the British companies to outsource the manufacturing of their products in 20160507_090702Bulgaria and to Bulgarian companies to find long-term OEM partners in the UK. We could help the communication process between contractors and subcontractors speaking both English and Bulgarian languages. Also we could help visits of the partners in both countries. To make process easy our mother company has developed own on-line site where are shown all production activities where Bulgarian companies looking for British partners.


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